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Tunisian International Model of the United Nations of Sfax is a
diplomatic and academic club that opened its doors in 2018.

And started ever since being active and working on developing debate and public speaking skills around subjects that are related to geopolitics.



Mini simulation: February 6th At “Village Des Experts”, Sfax:

This simulation was a great opportunity and a worthwhile experience
for our members to dive into the world of diplomacy and debate
presenting two enthralling committees: Security Council: Yemen War
and The African Union: The Belt and Road Initiative

Mini simulation: June 25th At “Village Des Experts”, Sfax

This Mini simulation has brought to light the MUN’s universe and art of
debate to our old and new members who had their first step towards
new involvement and experiences by participating in a Crisis
Committee and UNICEF: Child Labour committee

Grand Simulation: “Muner Things” : August 5th and 6th At
“Village Des Experts”, Sfax

This Grand Simulation was a trip to 1984 Hawkins Indiana and an
adventure where diplomacy, debate and geopolitics came alive. The
Muner Things event was a life changing for our TIMUN members
where they got to discuss around 5 committees

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Samar Kammoun

Samar Kammoun

SG of Marketing and Communication

Dhia Hamdi

Dhia Hamdi


Eya Hadhri

Eya Hadhri

SG of Training and Academic Affairs

Ibrahim Chabchoub

Ibrahim Chabchoub

SG of Finance and Treasury

Yosri Benhassen

Yosri Benhassen

SG of Human Resources

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Need a literary getaway before school season knocks on your door again?

Your wish is our command! Join us at L’Alliance Française de Bizerte this Tuesday at 10 AM, and don’t forget to bring your favorite book(s) to discuss them together📖✨!

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