What do we do?

On the National level , We organize national simulations of United Nations committees and assemblies gathering participants from all over the country. To join , Participants fill a form and wait for the selection process results.

Participants are called to play the role of a delegate . They represent either a country , a delegation or a party.

Beyond classic

MUN Creativity reigns among TIMUN . During the recent years , we addressed national parliaments and regional assemblies.


We assist our clubs and help them prepare for their mini and grand simulations.



Certification and recognition

Participations in simulations provides official certificates accorded and signed by Tunisian international model United Nations .


Expand your network with likeminded individuals. Connecting knowledge oriented and extremely talented individuals , Timun offers your the opportunity to be surrounded by the right environnement for your growth.


Sharpen your skills on History , geography , diplomacy and international relations. Enhance your debate and public speaking skills and become a better negotiator.


What is mun?

Model UN began as a series of student-led Model League of Nations simulations. The first simulations were called “international assemblies”, the first of which was held at Oxford University in November 1921, with the potential first ever simulation being on 12 November 1921. Following several simulations in Oxford, Mir Mahmood, the president of the first Oxford International Assembly, traveled to Harvard in 1922 to help spread this idea further.

He advocated for the League of Nations, and inspired the Harvard Liberal Club to create the first American International Assembly held at Harvard University in 1923.[9] The Oxford International Assembly ceased to exist in the following years, but the Harvard International Assembly remained strong, and has since encouraged the development of these simulations worldwide.

Tunisian Internation MUN

Established in Tunisia, Connecting the World.