Model United Nations is an international program present in almost every country around the world.

The Model United Nations is a unique experience which educational benefits are invaluable. This will enable participants to develop skills that are essential to their professional training and personal development. It is done by realizing high-level academic simulations reproducing the conduct of conferences and the work of bodies and UN agencies, and any other roundtable discussions, negotiations or discussions.

Tunisian International Model United Nations

Created initially as a Club at the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social sciences of Tunis, TIMUN Association was established in 2009 and aims to promote the purposes and principles of the United Nations and strengthen the skills of young students.

Entirely run by young Tunisians.




L'association TIMUN possède des clubs dans de nombreuses régions de la Tunisie en général et dans les lycées et universités en particulier. 

Ainsi, vous pouvez simplement rechercher le club le plus proche et le rejoindre lors de son premier recrutement. Ce club peut être dans votre région ou votre école / université.

See active clubs here.



Start one!

In order to create a TIMUN club, you must first of all fill out a form, in French, in English or in literary Arabic. Your request will be evaluated by the association’s national executive office within a period not exceeding two weeks. 

If this request is pre-accepted, you will be invited to an interview where your aptitudes to manage a club, as a founding team, will be examined.

Find out more about the procedures.

All delegates and observers are required to be dressed in formal wear to attend sessions, the opening and closing ceremony, and in other occasions specified by the Secretariat, if any.

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