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Latest National Simulations

10ths edition of Tunisian International model united nations

The 10ths edition of Tunisian International model united nations national simulation was held in the Arab League , educational and cultural organisation establishment. The simulation called upon 7 different committees and more than 200 participants.

Year: 2019

latest National simulation

The latest National simulation was indeed held by the end of 2021 , taking place at the American cooperative school of Tunis. The number Committees increases over the years , it reaches 10 committees within this edition. With almost 600 applicants , this simulations counts as the largest simulation organised by our organisation.

Year: End 2021

The 11th edition of the National grand simulation

The 11th edition took place on 2021 , within the University of Tunis Carthage. This simulation was of kind distinguished by its important participation rate . The organisation received over 500 applicants and welcomed over 300 participants amidst the event doors. It competes 8 different committees with carefully developed study guides.

Year : 2021


TIMUN Collab with JCI

Our debate collaboration with JCI Tunisia

MUN-Fying Women

: A simulation organized in collaboration with UN Tunisia by the occasion of Book Fair 2023.

Collaboration with AssociaMed

Our collaboration with AssociaMed Monastir in order to organise a simulation of the World Health Organisation- United Nations. These collaborations endlessly continued till the year present with our freshly created club TIMUN MONASTIR . Check their page on MUN clubs to learn more about their particular activities.


4th regional meeting

The Tunisian international model united nations was present in the 4th regional meeting organised by the @ue_tunisie and @euneighbourssouth . We are thankful for his excellence Marcus Cornaro the European Union Ambassador in Tunisia and all the EU delegation for their warm welcoming , sense of active and interactive listening and openness to collaboration 🇪🇺🇺🇳🤍.

Delegation of the United Nations

We extend our sincerest regards for the delegation of the United Nations in Tunisia for inviting us to the opening Ceremony of the latest edition of Book-Fair el Kram. It has been a pleasure to represent our association and our activities

First Steps of TIMUN

This pictures dates from October 2010 , corresponds to timuns first steps towards international representation. A delegation of ours had been invited to the ICPD/MDG’s Youth conference , where we represented our country proudly.


Latest edition of ‘ Rencontre avec ‘

Our latest edition of ‘ Rencontre avec ‘ where we invite distinguished diplomats to tell us about their implications in our country’s foreign affairs and more about the untold story of our national history.

75th celebration of the United nations

Our National executive board represented the association during the 75th celebration of the United nations taking place at the faculty of legeal , political and social sciences of Tunis .

Meeting with Antonio Gutress

Our Meeting with Antonio Gutress , United Nations general secretary . We had the chance of presenting our activities and our history to his excellence.

Date : 2019
Location : faculty of Legal , political and social sciences of Tunis

Latest Events

Meeting between the TIMUN PMF club and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs

⚜️Meeting between the TIMUN PMF club and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs as part of the preparation of a trip to Paris. This meeting took place on Tuesday, March 22, 2023.

⚜️On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, the TIMUN PMF club had the honor of visiting 3 major institutions in the French Republic.

The club had the honor to visit the Quai d’Orsay (MEAEA) and met with the Director of the United Nations, the Communication Officer in Arabic and the Assistant to the Deputy Director North Africa and Mr. Adnène Trojette who brought the participants to visit the Elysee.

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