Sharing the un values

Our Vision:

Ever since the beginning of the founding of our association, our commitment has always been to help Tunisian youth know about and familiarize with the procedures of United Nations and other relevant organizations. Through selecting excellent members to participate in national and international MUN conferences of all scales, we hope to encourage students to pay closer attention to international affairs. The two functions of our association are hosting and participating in MUN conferences. The Association diligently plans, arranges and completes each MUN activity with the following four principles:

Rigorous Academic Preparation

Our association is famous for its rigorous academic preparation with a Department of Academics in charge of the academic research of each conference. Bearing in mind the principle of “academic work as the top priority”, the academic preparation of each year’s conference lasts six to seven months, which includes thorough research of the topics, composition of study guides, rule setting , and arrangement of the Dais’ work during the conference. Every member of the Department of Academics makes full and careful preparation, including offering research guidance and help to delegates before the conference, guiding delegates through the procedure during the conference, and making sure the topics are fully and thoroughly discussed.

Steady Organization

The Department of Logistics and the Department of Liaison, as well as the Secretariat of the Association, perform their own functions and jointly undertake the organizational work of the conference . All parts of the preparation are closely connected, which requires all departments to work flexibly and coordinately. With human-based principles and diligent devotion of our association members, our association tries its best to build a comfortable conference and provide considerate services for the team leaders and delegates. Delegates’ approval and satisfied smiles are the best things we can get in return for our devotion.

Innovation and Sense of Time

With the rapid growth of MUN activities in all over Tunisia, the topics chosen by different conferences tend to be similar and repetitive. In order to ensure topics are hot and innovative every year, we are cautious in choosing topics for the conference. International hot issues are chosen as topics, mainly in areas like international politics, economy, culture, public health and environment. Innovation is shown not only by new topics, but also through our study and reform of the rules and the modes of the conference.

Steady Organization

TIMUN conferences are usually arranged in a tight schedule. It is an arena for clashes of ideas and the competition between delegates on their articulation and eloquence. More importantly, it is a place for delegates to get to know new friends with shared interests. Every year, we prepare an elaborate Social Event for delegates so that they can forget about the nervousness and tiredness during the sessions and show their versatile side of personality. We hope that every time our meeting could bring delegates excitement and joy.

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