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Executive Board 2020 - 2021

The TIMUN Board of Directors is responsible for all logistical matters. This includes the conference location, program, budget, participants, fundraising and public relations. In short the Board of Directors of TIMUN is responsible for the organization of the entire TIMUN week, has final responsibility in all cases and will keep the continuation of the TIMUN Foundation steady.

If you have any questions regarding the TIMUN conference or Board of Directors, please, do not hesitate to contact us via info@timun.tn.

Azza Kammoun


Houcem Madhkour

Secretary General in charge of Treasury and Legalities

Lina Amara

Secretary General in charge of Marketing and Communication

Feres Oueslati

Secretary general in charge of Community Life

Mehdi Chihaoui

Secretary general in charge of Academic Affairs and Development

President's Message

Dear stakeholder,
Welcome on " Tunisian International Model United Nation's " official website, a project especially implemented to nourish each person's interest in our national and local activities . This year ,an ambitious program has been carefully concocted. In fact , we will work on both : continuity and novelty , therefore synonymous with additional work. Nonetheless, impossible is not TIMUN . Our entity has proudly chosen to volunteer in the service of a better Tunisia and, I am proud of these beautiful local micro-families combining complementarity, commitment and responsibility . For years, we have been strongly present in the different regions of the Tunisian territory, and we are willing to expand as long as there are motivated and devoted youth , who believe in our mission and vision. This is how, on behalf of the whole entity, I warmly thank all the people , who, in one way or another ,have given their valued contribution to maintain the delicate merge between hard-work and conviviality in our community . Finally, new challenges present themselves to us. Hence, do not hesitate , take the plunge and join us ,because in our community, each voice matters.
Azza Kammoun

Previous Presidents Testimonials

Student of a French high school, I was able to keep in touch with what is happening in my country thanks to this community which aims to broaden its horizons throughout the territory. Sense of organization and team spirit are the keywords for the success of our events which once completed, we can draw an eternal satisfaction from having been able to bring together several young motivated.

Nour Jihen Ghattas

20 years old, law student, president of TIMUN term 2019/2020

A wallflower and a late bloomer, that’s how my peers would describe me before TIMUN. Today, I barely recognize myself. I morphed into an outspoken, bubbly and fearless person. It is a great sense of accomplishment you get when you see yourself grow in an organization and stay long enough to serve it. I was a coy delegate who was mostly stunned by the greatness of TIMUN. The wondrous venues! The flags! The suits! The ties! The girls and boys and the intellect. Everything looked extraordinary! From a distance TIMUN looks like the Holy Grail. I couldn’t fathom how students could do such marvelous events. After becoming president, I could see that TIMUN is an institution and friends for life.

Rawdha Hidri

25 years old, legal counsel, president of TIMUN term of 2018/2019.

There are many superlatives to describe an experience at TIMUN, you have surely heard them here and there, no need to repeat them. But a moment imposes itself on my memories; I still remember exactly where I was the first time I was accepted as a delegate. And the joy of that day accompanied me intact during all my passage within our TIMUN family. Join TIMUN, it's a happy family!

Selim Khrouf

29 years old, resident doctor in medical oncology. President of TIMUN term of 2012/2013.

TIMUN was designed to inspire generations, one after the other, by bringing them to project themselves into the functions of global leadership, and by giving them unique experiences or their research, analysis and development skills. , socialization and communication are brought into play in a single instant. The TIMUN inspires us so that, once we have left, we will be able to detach ourselves to fly freely towards new horizons for which it would have so lovingly prepared us.

Malek Guetat

33 ans, assistant doctor in psychiatry and psychotherapy, president of TIMUN term 2012/2013.

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